Learn the causes of woodlice in the home, along with tips for getting rid of them

Woodlice are small, oval-shaped crustaceans. They are usually not more than 15 millimetres long, and their exoskeletons are gray or brown; it has fourteen legs, with prominent antennae. They usually live under stones, accumulated tree leaves, tree stumps and other damp or rotting areas.

Are woodlice harmful?

Woodlice are harmless organisms that do not pose any health risks to humans. But it can cause surface damage to wooden objects including furniture and parquet floors and will collect in dark and damp areas of the home. It feeds on rotting wood, decaying matter and foliage.

How do woodlice get into the house?

Woodlice often stay outside. But having a large number of woodlice in any garden means that there is a chance that stray woodlice will enter your home, especially if you have damp problems and mold-infested areas in the home.

How do I get rid of woodlice?

Their presence in the garden is one of nature’s cleaners, as they remove rotting leaves and debris for you. It will also help convert the rotting materials into organic matter. But having a swarm of woodlice in the home isn’t such a pleasant thing. Seeing woodlice in the home may be a sign of an infestation, so you may need to examine and treat this matter. Here are the most important tips to get rid of woodlice:

  • Get rid of moisture and mold in your home and clean out gutters.
  • Ensure that your home is free from moisture and mold, which is one of the main reasons for attracting woodlice.
  • They may enter your home through holes and crevices; so make sure to check and seal any cracks or holes in the walls.
  • Store firewood away from the house, and be sure to trim tree branches near windows and entrances.
  • Remove and remove piles of fallen leaves and rocks from your home.

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