Here are effective ways to combat and prevent the spread of grain weevils

The cleanest kitchens are prone to being infested by grain weevils; and once weevils are infested in your pantry, it can be difficult to get rid of them completely. If you suspect your granary has been infected or want to take preventive measures, read on to learn how to get rid of grain weevils.

What is a grain weevil?

The grain weevil is a type of small beetle that feeds on foods such as flour, grains, rice, legumes and nuts. Weevils lay eggs inside food. Then these eggs hatch and the larvae eat the rest of the food until they are fully grown.

Weevils may enter your home through the presence of some in dry food that you buy from the store, and they can enter your home through cracks and holes in walls or windows. These insects mainly feed on outdoor food and plants, but once the weather cools, they begin to search for food sources in warmer regions.

What are the ways to prevent the grain weevil in my house?

If you want these pesky insects not to invade your home, you must follow the following prevention methods:

  • Check all grain upon purchase, production date and storage conditions.
  • Freeze the grain for at least a week to kill any eggs that could hatch and grow an adult mite.
  • Buy grain as needed and consume them within a short period of time. There’s no need to buy pounds of grain and stock up on it.
  • If you have to stock up on grain, consume the oldest first, then the newest.
  • Store the grain in glass, metal, or plastic airtight containers, not paper or plastic bags, because the grain weevil penetrates the bags easily.
  • Seal cracks and clean shelves regularly.
  • Small black peppercorn sachets may repel the grain weevil.

How can I fight the grain weevil?

Getting rid of the grain weevil is difficult but not impossible. There are several steps you can take to try to remove these pesky pests:

  • Get rid of any infested grains. Grain weevil can penetrate plastic and cardboard, so check everything carefully because it may damage other neighboring grains in the same shelf.
  • Empty the storeroom, check the grains well regularly and dispose of the infested grain.
  • Wipe the shelves with white vinegar.
  • Get rid of the garbage bags in which the infested grain was placed.
  • Use an insecticide specially formulated for this type of pest. When spraying pets, try to keep children and pets away.

You discovered a grain weevil in your store and tried to fight it, but you failed and you still see these annoying pests in your store? Don’t worry in Storm, we can address the issue and eliminate it and any kind of insects or pests that bother you. We have a specialized team capable of solving all these problems. Just get in touch and let us do the rest.