Here are effective tips to get rid of sewage flies

What is sewage flies?

  • Sewer flies, or so-called bathroom flies, have their bodies and wings covered with numerous hairs.
  • These flies have six legs and a pair of wings and antennae.
  • Its body color is light gray or brown and its wings are light in color.
  • It is approximately 1.5 to 5 mm in length.
  • Adults live about two weeks, and these flies usually multiply in sewage drains, hence the name. You can find it near compost, ponds and trees.
  • The larvae have neither eyes nor legs.
  • They feed on organic matter and sewage.

Are sewage flies harmful to humans?

Most sewage flies are harmless to humans and do not bite, but they may transfer bacteria and other microorganisms from their breeding sites to areas where humans are present, which may contaminate food, clothing or furniture.

How do I get rid of sewage flies?

Removing the breeding site of these insects is the most important part of combating them, so it is essential to inspect and remove sites of reproduction. Take the following steps to get rid of sewage flies:

  • These flies usually breed in drains, so you need to start inspection from this area. Place some tape on the drain spout, with some holes in it for airflow. If sewage flies get stuck on tape as they come out of the drain, you know you have sewage flies.
  • Drain flies can come from under the tiles near the drain, especially when there are cracks and breaks in the drain. So check down the tiles.
  • Drain flies generally reproduce in bathroom sewers. The area under the bathtub is a major source of breeding grounds.
  • Clean garbage containers, under the washing machine, check air conditioners and stagnant puddles.
  • After knowing the place of their reproduction, be sure to clean it immediately using a long brush with soap and boiling water, with sterilizers and chlorine. With the need to clean regularly so that the incident does not recur.

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