How to get rid of earthworms in the bathroom?

Earthworms are very beneficial for hunters, also very beneficial for plant growth. Earthworms feed on dead plant material and generate nutrient-rich excreta and are one of the best sources of natural fertilizers. They also aerate the soil and drain the water. Earthworms carry tree leaves and other organic matter on the surface of the soil and pull them under the ground, then cut the leaves and organic matter into small pieces that are very useful to the plant.

For a farmer or gardener, the presence of earthworms is good news as it indicates that the soil is in great condition, and the plants will grow due to the availability of appropriate factors. But the problem occurs when earthworms are found in the house or their presence in abundance in the yard of the house leads to burning the lawn due to the abundance of fertilizers, as well as their presence in abundance leaves an unaesthetic view. Worms and other similar creatures love to live in moist environments. This is why you may notice worms in the bathroom, for example near the sink and sink.

How does an earthworm enter the house, especially the bathrooms?

Earthworms are difficult to get into a bathroom. This is because earthworms prefer soil. You might enter your bathroom if it is on the ground floor with adjacent fields. Because it is wet, it may creep into bathrooms and enter through cracks and holes in the wall.

How do I get rid of worms in my home?

You often do not deal with the earthworm specifically when you see it in the bathroom, as the topic may confuse you. However, here are some methods and procedures that you can try to get rid of worms. Although most worms are harmless, it is recommended to avoid entering them in order to keep our home and surroundings clean.

  • Clean areas near the drain and basin with water and cleaning liquid.
  • After basic cleaning, you can use household detergents such as chlorine, fire water, and vinegar can be used to get rid of eggs or worms.
  • Perform disinfection at least once a week to prevent worms from entering and multiplying.
  • Use a long brush to clean the inside of the drains and remove the dirt that the worms and maggots feed on.
  • Look for holes or cracks, especially in the bathroom, and block them.

If the presence of these worms bothers you and you want to get rid of them as soon as possible. In this case, you need a specialized team. At Storm, we can address the issue and find the appropriate solution to get rid of these worms in a safe way, as well as any kind of insects or pests that bother you. We have a specialized team capable of solving all these problems. A specialized team will come to you and do a comprehensive examination; they will develop a science-backed treatment plan that best meets your needs.