Learn how to prevent and get rid of carpet beetles

Learn how to prevent and get rid of carpet beetles that may damage some furniture and clothing in your home


What is a carpet beetle?

Most species of the carpet beetle have a length of 1 to 4 mm, and their bodies appear oval; its color is wavy between white, black, yellow and some orange. In spring, female carpet beetles lay 25 to 100 eggs, which hatch into larvae within two weeks.

This insect feeds on fabric and animal products; the adults fly and enter the home through the door and window openings and lay eggs on furniture, carpets, curtains, and clothes. These insects may enter your home by bringing infested furniture into your home. It can also enter the home from plants and flowers.

What are the risks of having a carpet beetle in the house?

These creatures are annoying and may cause you furniture damage problems. The larvae may eat the natural fibers found in wool, feathers, clothing, silk, animal hair, leather or furniture, causing holes in them. Some people can experience an allergy due to the larval bristles that may irritate the skin. While the adult beetles feed on seeds, plants and flowers.

How do I get rid from carpet beetles?

  • Wash and dry furniture and clothes before storing them for long periods. This will kill any eggs.
  • You can also get rid of carpet beetles and their eggs by freezing the fabric for about two weeks.
  • Store clothes in locked cabinets and check them from time to time.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to clean carpets, rugs and furniture. This helps to pull out the eggs; taking into account the safe disposal of waste.
  • Check that anything you enter into the house, including flowers, clothes, carpets, silk, etc., is free of carpet beetles and their eggs.
  • Get rid of insects that carpet beetles may feed on; check out the bird’s nests and the places of millennial animals in your home.
  • Use a specific insecticide, with the need to follow the instructions and do not spray the pesticide on furniture or clothes.
  • Use diatomaceous earth, which is a dried substance that kills the larvae quickly by drying them.

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