Learn about millipedes and ways to combat them

Millipedes are arthropods 2.5 to 4 cm long, and are brown or black and sometimes orange, long and slender. Segmented with two pairs of legs per piece, they usually have between 80 and 400 feet. They feed on decomposing plant matter in and around your home. It is often found in damp places such as under foliage, compost, rotten wood and under stones in the home garden. The harsh conditions and low temperatures cause them to move to warmer areas like our homes. Once millipedes inside your home, it will gravitate toward damp areas like the bottom of sinks, sinks, and basements and are active at night. Millipedes usually die quickly once inside due to lack of moisture.

Are millipedes dangerous?

Millipedes do not bite or sting. It does not pose any danger to humans. But when they feel threatened they can release a foul-smelling liquid that can cause skin irritation and needs to be washed off immediately.

How can you prevent an infestation of millipedes in your home?

Millipedes are found in wet areas. Reducing humidity in your home will help reduce humidity. Here are some tips that will prevent millipedes infestation at home.

  • They may enter your home through holes and crevices; so, make sure to check and seal any cracks or holes in the walls.
  • Ensure that your home is free of moisture which is one of the main reasons for attracting millipedes.
  • Remove dead plant material, piles of fallen leaves and piles of rocks and away from your home.
  • Fix any leaks in the sewage system that could leak water and cause moisture.
  • Ventilate the house and operate the fans in places where the sun does not reach so as not to get damp.
  • Use diatomaceous earth, which is a drying substance that helps you get rid of moisture.
  • Avoid over-watering your lawn and try to water the plants in the morning so that they dry before dark.
  • If you see it in your home, use a vacuum cleaner to remove it.

If you are alarmed by having millipedes in your home and you do not know how to dispose of or deal with them. In this case, you need a specialized team. At Storm, we can address the issue and find the appropriate solution to eliminate millipedes and any kind of insects or pests that bother you. We have a specialized team capable of solving all these problems. A specialized team will come to you and do a comprehensive examination; they will develop a personalized science-backed treatment plan that best meets your needs.