There are more than 1000 kind of lizards and 6 families of Gekkota. Most of them are small founded in all places except Antarctic. You can find  Geckos in  a cold mountain, desert, wood, and etc.

Geckos can survive by some physical feature they developed for a long time. Tail acts as a fat store, help balance their weights, and eliminate it if  anybody caught the tail. Feet of Geckos modified for climbing, it’s toes are covered with tiny hairlike or microscopic hooks. Geckos used that hooks to walking on irregular surface. Geckos are night active lizards. Making noise such as chirping. Geckos female put their eggs on leaves, both male and female have no movable eyelids, instead of that, Geckos have transparent eyelid.

How to get rid of common house Geckos

  • Geckos love heating and food, so if you don’t want Geckos in your house, you must first keep it clean.

  • Eggshells, when you but it around your house it keeps Geckos faraway.

  • Also, mothballs have an ability of making Geckos faraway from your house.

  • Onions and garlic is a natural ways to repel Geckos. By oder of onion and garlic you will say bye to Geckos.

  • Coffee and tobacco are a poisonous compound for Geckos. It killing Geckos so fast when Geckos eats the compound.

  • Cayenne Pepper as a powder or spray.

  • If you need to catch it alive put a flash light in a box, The Geckos will come to the worm and light source especially if there is a food in box. Now you can hold it and return it to the nature.

Or you can calling us, and we will contacting you sending our experienced team to deal with Geckos in your home or garden. Professionals is the best way, safety way, and the fastest way to get rid of common house Geckos.